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BendPak 4 Post Lift Review

Buying a bendpak 4 post lift is a great choice if you are looking for a durable and reliable four post lift for your home. They come in a wide variety of models, so you are sure to find the best one for your needs. They come with stainless steel lifting cables, caster kits, and single hydraulic cylinders. These lifts are ideal for both residential and commercial use.
Stainless steel lifting cables

Stainless steel lifting cables for BendPak 4 post lifts are engineered to last. They are also designed to provide a smooth lift experience. The cables are hidden within the lift columns to minimize maintenance. are fully enclosed within the lift structure to prevent accidental injury.

BendPak HDS-Series 4-post lifts are designed to meet the most demanding lifting applications. They are available in seven different lifting models and include a number of key features. The key features include a slack-cable device, aircraft-quality cable, dual-hub cable sheaves, and a spring-loaded safety lock.

The aircraft-quality cable is specially designed for lifting applications and provides a great balance between abrasion resistance and fatigue. The dual-hub cable sheaves prevent wear and tear while improving the lift’s longevity. The ten-position pneumatic automatic safety lock is ALI certified and ensures peace of mind.
Single hydraulic cylinder

Whether you are a car enthusiast, a business owner, or an experienced do-it-yourselfer, you’ll appreciate the value of a BendPak four post lift. It uses only the best materials and technology to provide maximum capacity and durability. It is the safest and most reliable four post lift available.

BendPak lifts are engineered to reduce stress on the sheaves and axles while providing backups and automatic safety locks. These lifts also offer better storage height coverage. They are designed with a single hydraulic cylinder and a cable block that rides on inside rails of the runway.

The single hydraulic cylinder is welded to a high strength steel tubing body. It features pressure-loaded U-cup piston seals and high-durometer rod seals for maximum performance. The cylinder is also located under the runway for minimum exposure to elements. The cylinder is machined to precision for a smooth and straight cylinder. It also includes an integrated hydraulic flow restrictor that provides controlled descent in case of a hose rupture.
Caster kits

Using a Caster Kit to move a 4 post lift from A to B is a simple and painless process. The casters are made of heavy duty poly wheels and will not scratch painted floor surfaces. The complete kit contains all the hardware you need to get the job done.

A caster kit may not be the most expensive item on your to do list, but the benefits are worth the cost. will make your lift mobile, and allow you to better utilize your space and time. The casters are also easy to clean, so they won’t contaminate your paint job. The casters are also durable, making them last a lifetime.

While there are many caster kits on the market, the BendPak HD-9 series is the best choice for your garage. It is robust enough to handle heavy trucks, yet still lightweight enough to easily move from A to B.
Full access area for mechanical tuning

Whether you’re looking for a mobile car lift or you’re looking to improve the look of your garage, the BendPak 4 post lift has what you’re looking for. In addition to the four lift posts, the lift’s runways feature a clever system that automatically engages a mechanical lock, making loading vehicles with scraped up tires a breeze.

The lift’s patented power unit is also a cinch to maintain. It’s been designed to withstand the rigors of use, and the power unit’s base plates can be bolted together for added stability. In 30-day trial , BendPak’s patented dual-hub cable sheaves are a cut above the rest.

The aforementioned four post lift also boasts a well-implemented backup cable slack detection system. It’s also worth noting that BendPak’s HD-9XL is the only lift that can accommodate longer vehicles.
Commercial standard four-post lift

Designed to handle commercial applications, the BendPak HDS-14 four-post lift offers a complete laundry list of features to increase operator safety. This heavy-duty lift features 5,817 mm runways that are 229″ long. It also features an extended approach ramp for gradual climbing. It can handle vehicles with long wheelbases and low-riding sports cars.

The lift also features a number of safety features, including a secondary lock system that serves as a slack-cable device in the event of cable failure. The lift’s runways are also connected to the lift carriages, which eliminates the possibility of the vehicle rolling off the lift.

The HDS-14X is ideal for commercial shops that are looking to safely park a wide range of vehicles. It can service vehicles with wheelbases ranging from five feet to 14 feet.

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